Primed and sealed

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Following all the underside welding, I cleaned off the welds and any surface rust, wiped down with some de-greaser and primed the bare areas using etch primer from a can.
The seams were then seam sealed and a few little surface areas filled with body filler.
I decided to clean off the seams in the engine bay because I wanted to underseal the bottom of the car whilst it was on the ‘roasting spit’. However, I also wanted to paint strip the old paint in the engine bay as previous resprays had left a thick amount of paint that would not be a good base for yet another respray. The problem here is that the paint stripper has to be washed off and thus the car out of the garage. So the only way to prevent paint stripper and water going down the seams was to clean and prepare them now.
I’m finally getting to the part where things start taking shape. The cleaning off, welding and making panels seemed to be never ending.