Great progress in Taekwondo

Eric recently got 1st place in his red belt pattern at the Welsh TAGB Championship, plus medals for team patterns and team sparring.

During black stripe grading both Eric and Som got A+, only 7 out of 40 got to that level and Eric got the grading award for being best overall. They are now proud owners of black stripe belts.

Their previous local club changed from TAGB to an independent club under ITC. Unfortunately, after a short time it was clear they needed to move club back to TAGB, even though the ITC red belt would not be recognized and they had to retake the grading. Now they are advancing to black belt and doing well it is important their hard work is recognized and the grading process correctly regulated by TAGB to the BTC standard.

It’s unfortunate that we had to go through club politics which has soured what should be a fun and enjoyable sport. However now back on the right track they are both looking forward to attaining a black belt.

Eric and Som trophies from the TAGB British Championships, Coventry, 21-Nov-21
Grading presentation, now a black strip.

Eric gets stung.

Whilst at school Eric got stung by a bee at lunchtime. The sting was still in his hand when he came back home so mummy carefully extracted it. Luckily all ok.


Photo taken with USB circuit inspection microscope courtesy of Taotek Ltd.

Eric’s 1st Camping

Eric had a lovely time on his 1st camping at Portesham Dairy Farm, Weymouth with Mummy, Daddy, Uncle Andy and Aunt Julie. The weather was so lovely and Eric had a good night slept through out the nights. 😀

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1st proper haircut today!

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Eric 2nd Birthday

After a tragic event that we had to rush Eric to the hospital by the ambulance with a breathing problem and he had to stay over for 2 nights just before his birthday, now Eric is back home, very hyper, running about like nothing ever happened. Today he celebrated his 2nd birthday by visiting the temple, made merit and be blessed by the very respectful monk at the CITTAVIVEKA Chithurst Buddhist Monastery. Then back home for the birthday cake while skyping with family in Thailand. Thank you very much for all the cards and presents and all the best wishes for Eric. He eventually had a nice, calm peaceful birthday. xxx

Eric had to have nebulizer every 2 hours and oxygen in-between on the first night at the hospital. He improved very quickly and got back home within 2 days.

Eric with with Bhikkhu Gavesako, he made merit at the CITTAVIVEKA Chithurst Buddhist Monastery on the next day after came back from the hospital.

At the CITTAVIVEKA Chithurst Buddhist Monastery with Bhikkhu Gavesako

Back at home in the afternoon for his 2nd Birthday Cake with Daddy and Mummy

Birthday Boy, 2 Years old today 😀