The in things!

These are some of my favourite toys that keep me quiet for mum and dad. I have tons of toys but there are the few that are really great. As a growing baby boy I feel it’s my responsibility to inform others like me what are good toy so our old people get us the right toys.

Stops crying instantly.
Stops crying instantly.

At 19 weeks old.

Squeeky giraffe – took a while for Eric to warm to this toy due to it’s rubbery texture, however it’s still a popular toy even at 11 months – great for chewing when teeth are coming through. It’s quite flexible so can easily be bent and squashed with acompanying squeeks.

My favourite food at the moment is Giraffe!!!
Thank you very much Auntie Pun (Mummy Som’s Thai friend), it helps relieve my itchy gum lots. 😀

 At 6 Months

These plastic chains kept Eric quiet for a long time from just a few weeks old onwards. Only at 11 months is the interest tailing off. The must represent the best value toy ever. We’ve hooked them onto the buggy straps and hooked other toys on the end they seem to be endless fun. This goes to show that to a baby the toy can be really simple (cheap!) to get lots of enjoyment from it.


At 7 Months.

Started bouncing int this bouncer at about 4 months old and still bouncing – so good value for money.

Boing Boing Boing
Boing Boing Boing

At 8 months

Stacking rings – these came before the stacking cups and have been fun for ages. The rings get put onto anything, taken off, put back on. Hold out a finger and you will end up with a ring stuck on it. They have some beads in so are great early on a rattles and the shape around the edge gives different sounds when banging and sliding them together. 10/10 toy.

Last one on here then I'm done, phew!
Last one on here then I’m done, phew!

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