Eric visits Thailand

Eric’s first visit to Thailand – at the start of the summer time it was about 35-38 degrees C.

I spent most of the time entertaining the family by playing toys and laughing. It was tiring work, but fun. Not many pictures of all the relatives as there were so many! But below is one of the rare moments Eric was left alone.

Ah peace at last

Met up with grandad at one of the IT malls coffee bars. Grandad doesn’t seem to like coffee much 🙂 but we had a nice time.

2013-02-25 06-59-32 - IMG0973
With grandad in a coffee bar.

We went to Undo Thani to sort out the land – here we are by the Mekong river (its’ to the left!). I am looking a bit unhappy as it was very hot.

It's very hot - put me back in the air-con van.
It’s very hot – put me back in the air-con van.

To keep me happy (and spoilt), grandma bought some ballons, but I can’t reach them – they keep floating away and mummy was scared that they would go bang as I liked to squeeze them, they made squeeky sounds!

Where's it gone!
Where’s it gone!

Overall I had a fun time but next time please make it the cool season.

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