Holz Hausen log seasoning

The Holz Hausen is the German approach to seasoning wood. Google it and you’ll find sites on how to build them properly. This is my attempt, it’s my 4th or 5th one over the years. Mine seem to season more on the sunny side, the shrinkage causes it to go lopsided and sometimes collapse 🙂

Stand for Liliput 7″ LCD screen

We have a Liliput touchscreen for accessing the media center PC. Useful for playing MP3’s or net radio however the stand that comes with it is self adhesive and for being covered on for example a car dashboard. As we didn’t want to stick it down, it kept sliding round the glass table.
A quick time (well a day really) on the lathe and one blob of ally, one broken tap (I was threading a hole to fix a makeshift arbor – took a few hours to machine it out and hey presto a very heavy stand.
I got carried away and made the knob too as the plastic one looked a bit… well plasticy  and I had to prove the knurling tool was worth buying.
Machined alloy base for Liliput screen.

Oak DVD case – LED lite!

After our holidays last year we had to turn our attentions back to the house and again we’re running out of space. So one of the projects was the DVD case.
The DVD case was made to sit on our sideboard in the stair alcove. This dictated the shape as we wanted to fit all our DVDs in it with room for more (although the to shelf has wine glasses).
Som bought me a router and I got a few cutters to fit it. I did the whole DVD case using the router, its a great tool and as this was solid oak it made it so much easier than by hand.
The lighting is done using white LEDs which I embedded within the wood so only the round end of the LED is showing. All wiring is in channels in the shelving which I then filled with an oak fillet that contained the wiring and LED.