10 months on

10 months later

Eric’s baby friends were born more or less the same time. Mums met at yoga class when they were just bumps.

Day out at Motissfont with Mummy, Sonya and Gloria

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It was such a lovely day out today. We got a bit of sunshine and the temperature just nice, not too hot or cold. Mummy and Gloria’s mum(Sonya) had pack lunch, sat on the ground by the side of the stream. I think I will go back there again and I will ask daddy to go with me next time too.

Watch out ladies!

Eric when to see his pals in Eastleigh, one of which is gorgeous Gloria. Eric thinks she’s a babe but just keeps falling asleep – you need to work on the charm there son!

Hey – don’t play it to cool she’s fallen asleep as well !