Thruxton Truck Racing

Went to Thruxton for a great day out. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
This was the first outing for my Pentax K100D and Tamron 18-250 lens – I’m very pleased with them.

As an update I now have a Pentax K50D.

Thruxton supercar drive.

This was my 40th birthday present and I decided to wait until April to do it so that the weather was good. I missed doing it before winter due to the booking times.

Well this was really fun, the cars are great and the people and whole experience really enjoyable. Got the cars up to about 120mph but it’s all over too fast, just when you are getting used to the car and track.
Som got driven round the track too and came back with a very big smile – maybe it will have to be track days in the kit car next.

Witley Court, Worcestershire.

What a big surprise! On the way home we dropped into Witley Court. I had heard about the fountain but the English Heritage handbook said it stops working for the winter at the start of October so we had missed it.
However when we got there they said it was a misprint and it was working every hour for about 20 minutes.
The house is very impressive, even though it is just a shell, but the fountain was spectacular, especially in the bright sunlight. Definitely worth a visit.